5 Essential Serving Pieces for Hosting a Dinner Party

​​Hosting dinner parties is one of our great joys. Bringing together different groups of friends, planning the menu, assembling a charcuterie board and chilling the wine - we love it all. 

So many pieces have to work together to throw a great gathering, and we've found that an often overlooked element to dinner parties is having the right serving dishes. Trust us, it doesn’t look good when you have to grab a cereal bowl and dinner fork to serve the brussel sprouts. And so, pulling from our team’s own experiences, we’ve put together an essential list of serving vessels. 

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1. Salad Bowls + Salad Servers

First, let’s start with the classic large salad bowl. It’s perfect for everything from a summer salad to roasted winter squash. We particularly love this marbled Round Salad Bowl and the Kamba Salad Servers. Our go-to salad is the Chinese Chicken salad from Joan's on Third. Order ahead, throw it in one of these bowls, and everyone will think it's homemade!



2. Charcuterie Boards

Have you ever met someone who doesn't love a cheese board? We sure haven't! Whether you're hosting two or twenty, we have boards of all sizes and materials to create the perfect platter for your guests. Two favorites are our Brushed Black Wood Boards (which come in mini and large), and our Acacia Boards (which come in square and rectangle). For provisions, we suggest paying a visit to Larchmont Wine, Spirits & Cheese - they have a fantastic selection!


3. Multipurpose Platters

No matter what you're serving, chances are you'll need a nice platter. Whether you're serving up burgers, roasted veggies, or desserts, a multipurpose platter will always come in handy. Our go-to are these Black Terrazzo Round Platter, which come in 3 sizes.


4. Pitchers + Ice Buckets

You can't forget the drinks! Domaine LA is our favorite local place to pick up libations - they have a very impressive selection of wines and spirits. We always keep ice on hand in one of the Tina Frey resin ice buckets and serve mixed drinks in our Ceramic Pitchers.  



5. Dessert Serveware

Last, but definitely not least, is chic serveware for dessert. This Resin Cake Stand and Server are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Pick up a cake from our favorite neighborhood bakery, Erin McKenna's, for  a guaranteed win at the end of your meal.


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