I have been trying to get Alison to lead a floral event in our shop for a long time and I’m thrilled to report that the stars have finally aligned, and she has agreed to share her secrets for making the ultimate holiday wreath. Collaborating with La Petite Gardenia is always a pleasure as Alison’s horticultural creations have a way of bringing life to any space in which they appear. I can honestly say that my day is a little brighter when her designs are in my sightline.

xx, Jenna

What is your job and what do you love most about your work?

As the owner and creative director of LPG , my role involves collaborating with clients to transform spaces, bringing forth their personality while highlighting each environment. Whether it's designing the mood or vibe for a wedding, intimate dinner, or corporate gathering, we curate arrangements that complement the theme and elevate the entire experience. It is not just about flowers; it is about understanding the vision, capturing emotions and turning it into an unforgettable experience.

The variety of events and clients that I engage with, fuels my passion and allows me to explore my artistic side, in addition to my love of social interaction. 

Every experience brings about a new challenge, be it the materials, location, timing etc and rising to that challenge keeps me on my toes!

How do you express yourself creatively?

Since childhood, my love for art, creating and gathering around the table with family and friends was infinite. I was always creating  through painting, jewelry making, photography, collage, and floral design. I studied Art History and Fine Arts in New York and Italy which led to a strong love for interior design, and architecture. 

Growing up with a vibrant and large family the art of gathering around the table was very special and I soon found my calling through making the entire experience unforgettable. I guess you can say I express myself through creating an environment where the flowers, landscape, overall environment, and details influence me in bringing everything together harmoniously.

My close friends and family know me for my easy going creative side, embracing impromptu dance sessions, singing with them or at home. I find liberation in the uninhibited rhythm of self-expression. It's not about perfection; it's about the raw, unfiltered joy of being authentically who you are. 

Where do you find inspiration?

A combination of the nature and nurture elements coming together,  leaves a lasting impression and I often use this as a template for my ideas. I am a sort of intrepid traveler and vivacious explorer.  Absorbing the culture of one country's resources in addition to sampling their local flower markets sparks my 'Eureka' moment. 

How would you define your personal design aesthetic?

I love all aesthetics when it comes to floral design, from contemporary to garden style. However, When it comes to my personal design aesthetic, I draw inspiration from Flemish Old World Dutch Master paintings. I love the moody colors, organic movement, and layered details in these still life paintings.

What floral trends have you noticed of late that you are into?

There has been a tremendous shift in the floral event industry. This generation of horticulture designers are showing the importance of moving towards a more sustainable future and creating an eco friendly environment.

Lately, I find myself creating living arrangements with potted plants and grasses that can be repurposed or replanted after an event. 

The key to a great wreath is _____. 

Balance, harmony and self expression.

What are your favorite design resources in Los Angeles?

I prefer to keep an open mind and not limit myself to one vendor, the idea will lend itself to the vision which in turn will build the momentum. I have also organically curated relationships with various vendors who are in tune with my style and vision. 

I may start there and see where the momentum takes me. It also depends on the resources of each vendor.  Additionally, I find the most current and relevant information, by checking design forums, or reaching out to local designer friends.

Since +Coop is in my neighborhood, I love to pop in and see what Jenna and her team have curated each season. It's always nice to incorporate serving bowls and candle holders within our table top designs. +Coop is a local gem for finding the perfect pieces to add.

Since we do a lot of full event design and private custom tailored events, I like to get my textiles, vases, and other elements from places like: OK always a fun selection of vases and decorative arts. Accessory Preview Jim Schwartz has an eye for collecting unique pieces from every corner of the world. If we need something upholstered for an event: D&R Upholstery on Beverly Blvd is our go to.  Custom linens:  Rodeo Home Home Fabric & Trims in DTLA If we aren't fabricating pieces in house, I LOVE working with Katrien and her team over at Voila Creative Studio  

Where do you live and can you share your three favorite businesses in your neighborhood?

I live in Mid-City.  I love to dine at Angelini Osteria, the cappuccino here always gets me through the day! +COOP for all things homegoods. Blick Art Supply for all our creative project needs. 

What’s one thing you think everyone should make sure to have in their home?

Adding living plants and flowers in your home brings so much life and warmth to your space. Make sure to select the perfect vessel or pottery to complement!

What is your favorite part about leading a floral workshop? 

Embracing each season, while sharing the resources and materials for the particular workshop. Admiring the positive atmosphere, soaking up tour participants passion to learn something new, the creativity behind each and every design, and seeing the results of their creation. I always prefer to bring materials that are unique and engage the audience.

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