When we think of natural style, we think of Kristen Caissie of Moon Canyon Design. Kristen embodies a connection to the natural world in such an organic and effortless way and it comes through in everything she touches. From her floral designs to table settings, or her newly released book, Kristen's work is an extension of her easygoing demeanor. When we thought about who we'd like to tap into to discuss making the holidays in a pandemic still feel special, we immediately thought of her. Read on for insight into her daily life during quarantine, how she plans to spend the holidays, and a few of her +COOP picks.  


Tell us about what you do and who you are?

My name is Kristen Caissie and I am the owner of the California based floral design company Moon Canyon Design. We as a company have spent the last 10 years working intimately with the natural world, bringing our clients visions to life and just recently writing a book. Our book Gathering : Setting the Natural Table came out this year with Rizzoli and it's all about how to create a beautiful tablescape and why it's so important to take the time for yourself to create intentional spaces of beauty for those you love. 

What does an average day look like for you recently?

These days I have been in Northern California at herb school learning the healing ways of the plant world while the event industry is on pause. I still revolve my world around deepening my intimacy and connection to the natural world, whether that’s making herbal medicine, reading about sacred plants or simply spending quality time outdoors. 

What draws you to wanting to work with flowers & the natural world?

It’s something inside of me, some ancient ancestral longing to have my hands dirty and to truly be one with the land. When I first began design with flowers I knew this was it for me, that I would do this for the rest of my life. Just recently I’ve listened to the calling to walk the healers path and have devoted my life to this singular spiritual pursuit. Learning to become a bridge for those who need it, to connect them back to self and back to nature has become my everyday work. 

What will the holidays look like for your family this year?

We will be spending the holidays in Los Angeles at our home here. We have podded up with my brother in law and his family and hope to have small cozy diners and let the kids run wild. 

 Any go-to recipes for hosting a family gathering?

I love mushrooms and always feel that appetizers are an underrated dish at any gathering. I make a very simple stuffed mushroom that was taught to me by my father. It is basically stuffing a button mushroom cap with other sauteed mushrooms, garlic, and bread crumbs, baking on 350 till the mushrooms are soft and tops are browned. Some of my family members like to add parmesan cheese to the top at the end of baking. But otherwise this dish is vegan and can be made with GF bread crumbs. 

What are some quick tips to make your home feel special and warm around the holidays?

Especially with the holidays looking different this year I say don't skimp on yourself. Make all the details as special as you would if you were having 20 guests. I appreciate this time of year and celebrating the  florals and foliage of the season. Hanging boughs of evergreen and pine cones, placing amaryllis bulbs and paper whites around the mantle, and lighting the candles. 

Tell us about the table you styled with +COOP pieces.

I LOVE these dishes and feel they make the perfect everyday dishes. I was inspired to set a breakfast table since I rarely get the chance to make breakfast (my favorite meal) as special as I'd like. My thought was to be able to sit and really enjoy my coffee without my kiddos running around. This table is basically a love letter to all the mother’s and our perfect sunday am with girlfriends. 

5 pieces on your wishlist from +COOP? 

  1. I adore Saipua’s soap and would love the gift set. 

  2. I also this the multi functional wood hammer tool is everything i've always wanted. 

  3. Cashmere ribbed beanie

  4. Stonewashed linen tablecloth in blush is heaven

  5. The Nanao candle set is also for sure on my wish list!


Moon Canyon wreaths will be available at +COOP through the holidays! Stop by to pick yours up. 


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