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Elevate your al fresco environment (or find a gift for your favorite gardener) with our curation of well-designed, utilitarian tools, objects, planters, books, and functional decor that each celebrate the art of outdoor living.


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Orca Living Garden Natural Cedar Birdhouse No. 1 | ORCAOrca Living Garden Charred Cedar Birdhouse No. 1 | ORCA
Birdhouse No. 1 | ORCA Sale price$295.00
+COOP Plants 6" Euphorbia Spiralis Cactus
+COOP Plants 6" Anthurium Plant+COOP Plants 6" Anthurium Plant
Anthurium Plant Sale price$50.00
+COOP Plants Anemones Fresh Floral Stems+COOP Plants Hellebores Fresh Floral Stems
Fresh Floral Stems Sale priceFrom $1.00
+COOP Fresh Florals Poppies Fresh Floral Bunches+COOP Fresh Florals Anemones Fresh Floral Bunches
Fresh Floral Bunches Sale priceFrom $38.00
Inner Gardens Plants + Gardening Ficus Brandegeei in Low Blue PotInner Gardens Plants + Gardening Ficus Brandegeei in Low Blue Pot
Inner Gardens Plants + Gardening Begonia MidnightInner Gardens Plants + Gardening Begonia Midnight
Begonia Midnight Sale price$45.00
Plants + Spaces Plants + Gardening Rhapis MultifidaPlants + Spaces Plants + Gardening Rhapis Multifida
Workman Books The Kinfolk GardenWorkman Books The Kinfolk Garden
The Kinfolk Garden Sale price$40.00
KIKKERLAND Garden Brass Watering CanKIKKERLAND Garden Brass Watering Can
Brass Watering Can Sale price$45.00
Floral Society Garden Japanese Floral ClippersFloral Society Garden Tools + Accessories Japanese Floral Clippers
Japanese Floral Clippers Sale price$96.00
On sale
Mudpuppy Decor Hanging Air Plant CradleMudpuppy Decor Small / Terracotta Hanging Air Plant Cradle
Hanging Air Plant Cradle Sale priceFrom $22.40 Regular price$32.00
KIKKERLAND Garden Mr. Brass Plant MisterKIKKERLAND Garden Mr. Brass Plant Mister
Mr. Brass Plant Mister Sale price$50.00
Intiearth Decor La Huachana BasketIntiearth Decor La Huachana Basket
La Huachana Basket Sale price$185.00
Bohemia Decor Box BasketBohemia Decor Box Basket
Box Basket Sale price$75.00
KIKKERLAND Garden Pruner Multi-Tool with Wood HandleKIKKERLAND Garden Pruner Multi-Tool with Wood Handle
olli ella Decor Market Baskets on Wheels | PICKUP ONLYolli ella Decor Mama Bird Market Baskets on Wheels | PICKUP ONLY
Bohemia Decor Reed Storage BasketsBohemia Decor Reed Storage Baskets
Reed Storage Baskets Sale priceFrom $50.00
Earth & Nest Accessories Natural Twine Ball
Natural Twine Ball Sale price$12.00
Stephen Young Books Indoor Jungle
Indoor Jungle Sale price$50.00
Earth & Nest Kitchen Looped Metal ScissorsEarth & Nest Kitchen Looped Metal Scissors
Looped Metal Scissors Sale price$35.00
Bohemia Decor Market Tote
Market Tote Sale price$98.00
Floral Society Garden Garden PrunersFloral Society Garden Garden Pruners
Garden Pruners Sale price$98.00
PENGUIN RH Books Fungarium BookPENGUIN RH Books Fungarium Book
Fungarium Book Sale price$38.00
Floral Society Garden Lemongrass Essential Oil Outdoor IncenseFloral Society Garden Tools + Accessories Lemongrass Essential Oil Outdoor Incense
Lola Hats Apparel & Accessories Leather Commando | Lola HatsLola Hats Apparel & Accessories Leather Commando by Lola Hats
Commando by Lola Hats Sale price$380.00
immodest cotton Apparel Construction Tote - Naturalimmodest cotton Apparel Construction Tote - Natural
Construction Tote Sale price$185.00
Flower Market Plants + Gardening Rare Begonia in Grey Pitted Pot
Balmuda Garden Balmuda The Lantern - BlackBalmuda Garden Balmuda The Lantern - Black
Balmuda The Lantern Sale price$150.00
immodest cotton Apparel Duffel Kit - Earth
Mini Duffel Kit Sale price$90.00
Homart Plants + Gardening Yara Cement Low Planter - SmallHomart Plants + Gardening Large Yara Cement Low Planter
Yara Cement Low Planter Sale priceFrom $45.00
Floral Society Plants + Gardening Herb Seed KitFloral Society Garden Tools + Accessories Herb Seed Kit
Herb Seed Kit Sale price$62.00
Lola Hats Apparel & Accessories Transat by Lola HatsLola Hats Apparel & Accessories Transat by Lola Hats
Transat by Lola Hats Sale price$315.00
+COOP Plants 6" Othenna Capensis
Sold out
+COOP Plants Rhipsalis Cereuscula in Large Yara Cement Low Planter+COOP Plants Rhipsalis Cereuscula in Large Yara Cement Low Planter
+COOP Plants Dischidia "Million Hearts" Plant in Marble Cylinder Planter