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Windsor Square Traditional

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Open Weave Throw - +COOPOpen Weave Throw - +COOP
Open Weave Throw Sale price$168
Leather Pillows - +COOPLeather Pillows - +COOP
Leather Pillows Sale price$150
Slim Aarons "Lake Tahoe Couple" - +COOP
Raw Footed Bowl - +COOPRaw Footed Bowl - +COOP
Footed Bowl Sale priceFrom $300
Eight Homes Book - +COOPEight Homes Book - +COOP
Eight Homes Book Sale price$85
Teak Peg Stool - +COOPTeak Peg Stool - +COOP
Teak Peg Stool Sale price$325
Slim Aarons "Armandos Beach Club" - +COOP
Ceramic Catchall - +COOPCeramic Catchall - +COOP
Ceramic Catchall Sale priceFrom $100
Makun Pillow in Oatmeal by Treko - +COOP
Teak Oval Board with Handle - +COOPTeak Oval Board with Handle - +COOP
Oval Board in Teak Sale priceFrom $50
Saipua Soap Bars - +COOPSaipua Soap Bars - +COOP
Saipua Soap Bars Sale price$22
Sold out
Makun Pillow in Olive by Treko - +COOPMakun Pillow in Olive by Treko - +COOP
Framed Photograph - "CZ by the Pool," Getty Images Hulton Archive, illa Artemis, Palm Beach, Florida, 1955 by Slim Aarons - +COOP
+COOP Bud Vases - +COOP+COOP Bud Vases - +COOP
+COOP Bud Vases Sale priceFrom $23
Sold out
James Bond Destinations - +COOPJames Bond Destinations - +COOP
Cereal City Guide - +COOPCereal City Guide - +COOP
Cereal City Guide Sale price$25
Dish Rags - +COOPDish Rags - +COOP
Dish Rags Sale price$45
Helena Vase by Marie Michielssen - +COOPHelena Vase by Marie Michielssen - +COOP
Santa Fe Modern Book - +COOP
Santa Fe Modern Book Sale price$50
Salt Cellar Pot with Round Ball Lid - +COOPSalt Cellar Pot with Round Ball Lid - +COOP
Salt Cellar Pot Sale price$75
Poolside With Slim Aarons - +COOPPoolside With Slim Aarons - +COOP
Ceramic Flower Vase - +COOPCeramic Flower Vase - +COOP
Ceramic Flower Vase Sale priceFrom $38
Aden Hand Towel - +COOPAden Hand Towel - +COOP
Striped Hand Towel Sale price$38
Tierra Pillow - +COOPTierra Pillow - +COOP
Tierra Pillow Sale price$350
Slim Aarons "Gavina Hotel" - +COOP
Oval Wooden Bowl in White Oak - +COOPOval Wooden Bowl in White Oak - +COOP
Oval Bowl in White Oak Sale priceFrom $250
Marble Vase by Kelly Wearstler - +COOPMarble Vase by Kelly Wearstler - +COOP
Catchall in Oak - +COOPCatchall in Oak - +COOP
Catchall in Oak Sale priceFrom $188
Mango Wood Serving Bowl - +COOPMango Wood Serving Bowl - +COOP
Serving Bowls Sale priceFrom $48
Alabaster Vessel VII by Heyja Do - +COOPAlabaster Vessel VII by Heyja Do - +COOP
Stash Jars in Olive - +COOPStash Jars in Olive - +COOP
Stash Jars in Olive Sale priceFrom $115
Wabi Sabi Oil Carafe - +COOPWabi Sabi Oil Carafe - +COOP
Wabi Sabi Oil Carafe Sale price$215
Catchall with Crooked Handle in Oak - +COOP
Patchwork Pillow in Blue Black by Treko - +COOP
Rustic Cotton Throw in Striped Black - +COOP