BALL by Simon Heger Knudsen

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Copenhagen based photographer Simon Heger Knudsen is debuting with his book BALL, a photographic depiction of football culture in the Mozambique capital of Maputo. A mesmerizing story, which seeks to investigate and uncover how football can act as a mean of communication across age and origin.

"What struck me the most about these kids was how football seemed to create a vacuum for them in which they could be free of worry from the poverty of their daily lives," Knudsen tells us. "The football fields were a place for them to be kids with no other worries than playing a game with your friends." Ball is a humbling reminder that beauty, camaraderie, and happiness (some of the best things in life) can always be found in something as simple as kicking a ball around with your friends.

25 × 20.5 cm, Hardcover, 2018