Framed Poster "Down on The Corner," Balboa Beach, 1975 by Hugh Holland

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“That shot was one of several I did on the street, at Balboa Island, in the summer of 75, just as I was beginning the Skate series. I was shooting some kids that were hot-dogging on the street on the sidelines of a small skate contest. I had no idea who they were. A few years later, someone saw them and asked if I knew who that kid was. I said no. He said it was Danny Kwock, who went on in the 80s to be a top surfer in the Newport area, and surfed for Quiksilver. Now he is the president of Quiksilver entertainment. He is a very cool guy.” - Hugh Holland 

Measures: 22" x 32.5" 

Printed on acid free paper with fade resistant ink and framed in natural waxed walnut.

Made in United States.

Due to the size, weight, or fragility of this item, it is not available for shipping and is only available for curbside pickup.