Sage & Salt Room Spray Gift Set

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Wield the magic of four energy-altering room mists in one set. The Sage & Salt Discovery Set is the perfect gift for good vibe-seeker in your life. These supernatural elixirs are made in ritual and designed to conjure a desired energy to any atmosphere. The set includes four travel-size bottles of Abundance Mist, Smokeless Smudge, Intuition Spray and Mercury Retrograde Mist.    
Set of 4. 

Smokeless Smudge: Banish bad energy with a single spritz.

Intuition Spray: Tune into your hunch and open your third eye.

Abundance Mist: Call in the spirit of wealth into any space.

Mercury Retrograde Rx Mist: Conjure calm energy and clear communication during Merc Retro (and beyond).

Capacity: 30ml