The Carrysome

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A size down for the Carryall, this adorable bag is our favorite day bag. Not only is it super chic, it also fits just the right amount of stuff while remaining incredibly lightweight.  What could be better?! 

Fabricated of recycled PET plastic in the State of Oaxaca, Mexico, our Vita Nova Collection represents a story of metamorphosis.  Common plastic vessels, like water bottles and food containers, are transformed into long colored lanyard.  Handwoven by inmates throughout local jails, The Carrysome requires six to eight hours of weaving determined by the intricacy of the pattern.  Each bag created by its weaver, no two bags are identical.  Detainees are able to support their families by earning a fair wage for their work, transforming home life for their loved ones and children.

In Los Angeles, fine leather is braided at the handles for a comforting grip.  Durable nylon cords, with metal aglets and round spring cord locks, are added for an accordion closure.  With four metal feet and unlined for durability, The Carrysome can support you to do All The Things.

Finished with a distinct neon cord and clear spring lock to symbolize the energetic cord originating from our solar plexus that flows through and connects us all.   As we value our interconnection above all else, this is a gentle reminder to bring awareness to your activity in the present moment and of your connection to All The Things.

We all Carrysome things with us: physically, mentally and spiritually. To help lighten the load of another, a portion of proceeds will be donated to the This Is About Humanity Fund supporting separated and reunited families at the U.S. - Mexico border.


Color: Oaxaca Diamond | Todo Azul