Woven Maori Kete Bag by Dragon Diffusion

Sale price$375.00

To pay homage to the Māori women of New Zealand, the kete or kit bag features a three-color design. Traditionally, kete baskets are woven by hand for the Māori people from the leaves of a flax plant. Inspired by their craft, the Maori Kete Bag is handwoven in a soft goat leather, with an intricate three-step pattern to set off your basic summer wardrobe.

An antiqued St. Christopher medal charm, in homage to the patron saint of travelers, is hand-sewn inside each and every Dragon Diffusion bag—the brand’s very own seal of authenticity.
Dimensions :

  • Width : 16.9in 
  • Length : 11 in 
  • Handle drop length : 6.6in 

Handwoven Flat bag, Goat leather, No lining