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Pillows + Throws

Envelop your sanctuary with layers of cozy texture and comforting warmth — explore pillows and throw blankets curated to invite grounding punctuations of color & print into any interior. 


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Aden Lumbar Pillow - +COOPAden Lumbar Pillow - +COOP
Striped Lumbar Pillow Sale price$175
Rustic Cotton Throw - +COOPRustic Cotton Throw - +COOP
Rustic Cotton Throw Sale price$220
Save 30%
Striped Pillow - +COOPStriped Pillow - +COOP
Striped Pillow Sale price$238 Regular price$340
Pukan Lumbar Pillow by Treko - +COOPPukan Lumbar Pillow by Treko - +COOP
Tricolor Lumbar Pillow by Treko - +COOP
Lattice Throw - +COOPLattice Throw - +COOP
Lattice Throw Sale price$295
Leather Pillows - +COOPLeather Pillows - +COOP
Leather Pillows Sale price$150
Open Weave Throw - +COOPOpen Weave Throw - +COOP
Open Weave Throw Sale price$168
On sale
Mohair Throws in Blue - +COOPMohair Throws in Blue - +COOP
Mohair Throws in Blue Sale priceFrom $100 Regular price$295
Texturized Pillow in Brown Black by Treko - +COOPTexturized Pillow in Brown Black by Treko - +COOP
Mohair Throws in Gold - +COOPMohair Throws in Gold - +COOP
Mohair Throws in Gold Sale price$295
Sold out
Mohair Throw in Pink - +COOPMohair Throw in Pink - +COOP
Mohair Throw in Pink Sale price$295
Mohair Throws in Green - +COOPMohair Throws in Green - +COOP
Mohair Throws in Green Sale price$295
On sale
Mohair Throws in Neutral - +COOPMohair Throws in Neutral - +COOP
Mohair Throws in Neutral Sale priceFrom $100 Regular price$295
Alpaca Lumbar Pillow - +COOPAlpaca Lumbar Pillow - +COOP
Alpaca Lumbar Pillow Sale price$425
Sheepskin Cushion in Cream - +COOPSheepskin Cushion in Cream - +COOP
Save 75%
Mohair Throw in Bluebird Plaid - +COOPMohair Throw in Bluebird Plaid - +COOP
Mohair Throw in Bluebird Plaid Sale price$75 Regular price$295