Blackbird Incense

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A playful experiment in design and scent. Blackbird Incense is handmade in Portland, OR. Each cone is made from natural bamboo charcoal, essential oils, absolutes and isolates, which means they are highly aromatic mixtures extracted from plants resulting in complex and original scent compositions. No fragrance oils. 

  • Lid acts as burner
  • Great for travel
  • 26 cones per tin
  • Burning time: 20 min approx.
  • Scent longevity: 2-4 hours (medium size room)

Gorgo | contrasting woods and beeswax

Izba | warm wood walls, cedarwood, wild herbs and lavender 

Targa | cold incense and woods burning in the distance of frozen modern terrain.

Tilde | fresh green growth of wildflowers, shrubs and cedar saplings

Malus l nootka cypress, oak, amyris, cypriol, scotch whisky, damp ash, vanilla, leather 

Death l sage, marble, leather

Lone l New Orleans moss, African bluegrass, fig, cedarwood

Scent: Death