MAN MADE: Aerial Views of Human Landscapes

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Award-winning Brussels-based photographer Sébastien Nagy has travelled all over the world, capturing bridges, towers, houses, roads, monuments and other structures from above with his drone camera. In a spectacular series of images, he shows the architectural footprint that humans leave behind on earth. From Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and from the ‘cycling through water trail’ in Belgium to the Dubai Frame in the United Arab Emirates, Nagy invariably captures these well-known and lesser-known structures at the perfect time of day, as if they are all bathed in golden light. The approximately 120 photos are divided into four themes: Water, City, Desert and Nature.

Sébastien Nagy is a travel photographer who captures his destinations from the sky. He was awarded Aerial Photographer of the Year in 2020 for his aerial drone photography.